Royal expert reveals reason Kate Middleton always carries her bag in her left hand

13 February 2020, 14:17

Why Kate Middleton always holds her bag in her left hand
Why Kate Middleton always holds her bag in her left hand. Picture: PA Images

There's a reason Kate Middleton holds her bags in her left hand more often than not.

As a fashion icon, Kate Middleton has her fair share of incredible accessories.

But recently, fans have noticed something unusual about The Duchess of Cambridge’s clutch bags - she always holds them in her left hand.

And while many royal fans might take this as coincidence, there’s actually a very good reason behind it.

According to expert Myka Meier, it’s all down to royal etiquette, as she shared a photo of Princess Diana doing the same thing on Instagram.

Kate Middleton often holds bags in her left hand
Kate Middleton often holds bags in her left hand. Picture: Getty Images

Alongside it, she penned: “When entering a room or event, handbags or briefcases are held in the LEFT hand so that your right hand stays open to meet, greet and shake hands!

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“Prince Charles does this too!”

The trick is also said to be used by Meghan Markle, as both women are right handed.

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And fans were quick to comment on the photo, as one wrote: “Solid advice!,” while another said: “Elegant etiquette if you have to receive or wave.”

Princess Diana also held her bags in her left hand
Princess Diana also held her bags in her left hand. Picture: PA Images

This comes after it was revealed Kate travels very light when she’s out and about.

Despite being a busy mum-of-three, it turns out the future Queen is very minimalist with her luggage, as author Marcia Moody claims she has just four items on her.

In her book Kate: A Biography, she revealed her first staple product is a compact mirror to make sure she looks perfect for all royal engagements.

She’s also thought to carry a lip balm, as well as a sheet of blotting paper and a handkerchief.

Presumably, she doesn’t need a phone or keys to the palace…

Meanwhile, as well as taking etiquette tips off Prince William and Prince Harry’s mum Diana, Kate has seemingly chosen to raise her children in a similar way.

Royal commentator Neil Sean recently said on Australia’s Today Show: “If you remember, when Princess Diana was with us, what she did was very clever. She sort of made sure that William and Harry had normal lives if you like.

“There was a very famous picture of them queuing in McDonald’s in Kensington, and then there was the other picture of them at funfairs and amusement parks. Well, Kate has done the same thing, she has taken the same route

“There was actually a picture of Kate shopping for Halloween treats with George and Charlotte in a local supermarket near to where they were staying.”