Listen FAQs

Are you having problems tuning in?

How can I listen to Heart?

  • Online - click the Listen Live button at the top of this page
  • On an FM Radio
  • On Digital Radio
  • On your iPad or iPhone
  • On your Android
  • On your Blackberry
  • On your Symbian

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Why can I not receive Heart on my digital radio?

Find out if your area is covered by Digital Radio.
To find out more about all aspects of digital radio you can visit the Get Digital Radio website.

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How can I listen to audio clips or watch video online?

If you are having trouble viewing our live video streams or hearing the audio feed, there is likely to be a simple solution to the problem. The most common problem is that your computer does not have the correct software installed. All the software required is completely free, see below for details.

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What software do I need?

You can use the Heart Listen Live player on any computer, all you need is a web browser and the Flash plug-in.

All you need to Listen Live are the following:

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Why won't the 'Listen Now' player launch?

Our new 'Listen Again' player launches in a new window and pulls in information from several different servers. If you have Norton Anti-virus or Firewall software installed on your computer, you may experience some difficulties loading our player properly. If you have trouble accessing the player, please contact your Firewall support centre for help.

It is also worth checking that your Pop-up Blockers are turned off. Most pop-up blockers are installed automatically with your system software either within the browser toolbar, or within the Windows Taskbar along the bottom right corner of your screen. It is possible that you may have more than one pop-up blocker running and you will have to disable all of them for the player to work properly. If you are listening from work it may be that your office IT network has placed a block on certain kinds of pop-ups. Unfortunately we have no control over these. Please contact your IT support team for further information.

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Still having problems?

If you have not been able to resolve your listening enquiry via the FAQs, you can contact us below. We are not always able to respond in person to all enquiries but your message will be forwarded to the most appropriate person and if you have raised a particular issue they will be back in touch as soon as possible.