First Dates' Merlin Griffiths' opens up on moment he got 'all clear' from bowel cancer

9 June 2023, 12:06

First Dates' Merlin Griffiths opens up about being cancer free

Merlin Griffiths from First Dates joined Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on Heart Breakfast.

First Dates star Merlin Griffiths has opened up about getting the ‘all-clear’ from bowel cancer this week.

The TV star is known for his chats and incredible cocktail making skills on the Channel 4 dating show, but in 2021 Merlin revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer.

After going through treatment last year, he recently revealed on Instagram that there was no sign of cancer in his final scans.

Opening up about his recovery, Merlin told Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on Heart Breakfast: “We’ve reached the one year landmark where they do a whole suite of scans and tests.

First Dates star Merlin has previously shared photos from hospital
First Dates star Merlin has previously shared photos from hospital. Picture: Instagram

“And I’ve finally had the final CT scan where they have a proper look inside you. and there seems to be no sign of recurrence so that’s a huge milestone.”

Amanda then said: “What a relief, it must have been so nerve wracking.”

Merlin went on: “Now we just live every day at a time, the five year mark us the next one I've got my eyes on.”

Before adding “Thank you to my family and the NHS for getting me through this as well.”

Merlin also spoke about how he wants to ‘drive lots of awareness’ around bowel cancer as it is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK.

He said: “Get yourself checked, it's really important. I’m under the screening age (60-74 years).

“I had some issues, I was in a lot of pain and quite literally blocked. I ended up in hospital where I got referred for scans and camera work and they found out that way.”

This comes after the Channel 4 personality said he was "clear" of the disease in a social media message.

The post was a letter from his doctor which read: "Hi Merlin, Hope you are well. Your CT scan has just come through.

"All looks good, there are no signs of any reocurrence. Hope this is reassuring."

"Final Year 1 scan results are in, and it's ALL CLEAR for now,” he captioned the photo.

Watch the whole interview in the player above.

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