Heart Showbiz Hub podcast: Ashley Roberts eats more British foods, and top boxsets revealed

23 March 2020, 00:01 | Updated: 23 March 2020, 17:39

This week the team chat celebs in quarantine and more
This week the team chat celebs in quarantine and more. Picture: Heart
Charlie Girling

By Charlie Girling

On this week’s episode of Heart Showbiz Hub... well, it’s been a funny old week in the world in general, and celebrities are no exception to that!

The team are recording from home for the first time, but they carry on with their weekly A-Lister round-up, seeing what weird and wonderful things celebrities are doing to entertain us all during the Great Lockdown of 2020.

At the moment Arnold Schwarzenneger partying with donkeys in a hot tub is top of the chart.

Also in THE most Jared Leto story-about-Jared-Leto ever, the Heart Showbiz Hub gang talk about how it must have felt to have rejoined the world after a no-tech wellness retreat only to find yourself in the midst of all the coronavirus craziness!

Charlie managed one last face to face interview last week - so you can find out what happened when she caught up with Judi Dench, and how the Dame is planning to spend her time during the next few months in lockdown.


Given that we’re all stuck indoors for the foreseeable, it’s a great time to do some serious binge watching - and the team go through their recommendations of new and classic shows to get into in a big way.

Meanwhile Ashley’s British food education continues. After the team introduced her to party rings, find out what other store cupboard staple she’s never tasted!

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It turns out some celebrities have been way ahead of the curve when it comes to germ avoidance, and this week’s Industry Myth Buster sees Faye reminisce about an interview with Ryan Gosling when he tried to teach her the elbow shake!

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