RunPod episode 4: Super marathon runner Sophie Raworth

12 April 2019, 10:21

Jenni Falconer has put her passion for running in a podcast
Jenni Falconer has put her passion for running in a podcast. Picture: Heart

Journalist Sophie Raworth tells Jenni Falconer about how she insured her love of running - and how she mentally got in the zone to run the London Marathon days after competing in 'the hardest race on Earth'.

Sophie Raworth really can be described as some sort of superwoman.

The BBC news anchor works multiple jobs and has three children to look after - but still finds time to cram in a run... and some serious races.

She's Jenni Falconer's guest on this week's RunPod, and reveals that it was the Heart presenter who inspired her to get into running after she completed the 2010 marathon.

Sophie didn't get in to running until later in life, completing her first half marathon when she was in her late 30s.

She definitely got 'the bug', and qualified for the Boston Marathon. It was here that she met - and became great friends with - Ultra Endurance runner Susie Chan.

Her new extreme running buddy was by her side when they ended up running the Sahara desert last year in the Marathon Des Sables, a gruelling challenge that sees runners tackle six marathons in five days around the world. 

Ten days later she ran the London Marathon - and Sophie claims she would do it all over again!

Here Sophie shares her incredible story, and reveals why a lot of what holds you back when you start running is your head.

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