Heart Breakfast's Ashley Roberts plays the ultimate Pancake Day prank on Amanda Holden

1 March 2022, 08:19

Heart Breakfast's Flip or Flop challenge with Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Heart Breakfast turned into chaos this morning when Ashley Roberts and Jamie Theakston played a Pancake Day prank on Amanda Holden.

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Heart Breakfast's Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts went head to head today in the ultimate Pancake Day challenge.

Dressed in their best chef outfits, Jamie Theakston set the ladies the challenge to flip the most amount on pancakes in a minute in 'Flip or Flop'.

But poor Amanda was left with egg on her face, when Ashley played a mischievous prank to make sure she came out on top.

While Ashley was off to a good start, Amanda's pan immediately snapped and her pancake ended up on the floor.

Heart's Ashley Roberts was crowned the pancake flipping queen
Heart's Ashley Roberts was crowned the pancake flipping queen. Picture: Heart

When she picked up a replacement, the mixture was seemingly stuck to the bottom of the pan with super glue.

By the end of the challenge, Ashley had racked up an impressive 18 pancake flips, while Amanda was stuck on 0.

Frustrated by her loss, Amanda jokingly smashed two eggs on the table before storming out of the Heart studio.

But that didn't seem to bother Ashley, who gave a cheeky look to Jamie as she was crowned the winner.

You can watch the full prank in the player above.

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