Amanda Holden gets spooked by Heart's Halloween surprises

28 October 2022, 12:30

Jamie Theakston scares Amanda Holden live on Heart Breakfast this Halloween

Jamie Theakston scared Amanda Holden live on Heart Breakfast with a giant tarantula and eight ft snake!

With Halloween right around the corner, Jamie Theakston decided to give Amanda Holden a scare live on Heart Breakfast.

Yep, it was no normal day on the show this Friday, as some very special friends joined our presenters in the studio.

First up, Jamie handed Amanda an extra breakfast treat, but instead of the marmite on toast she was hoping for, she was actually greeted by a tarantula.

Poor Amanda squealed as she noticed the creepy crawly in the box, but soon got friendly with the harmless spider.

Next up, she was tasked with putting her hand in a mystery box in a bid to retrieve her favourite cocktail, an Aperol Spritz.

"All you have to do is reach into our mystery box to get your Aperol Spritz," Jamie said, adding: "I just hope there’s nothing spooky in there."

As she felt some scales, Amanda said: "It’s not a flipping snake is it?", and Jamie clarified it was an eight foot bullsnake. Eeek!

You can watch the full chat in the player above.

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