This 11-course Christmas dinner menu reveals what Brits ate over the last 100 years

29 November 2019, 15:35

Roast turkey with all the trimmings is quite a modern Christmas dinner
Roast turkey with all the trimmings is quite a modern Christmas dinner. Picture: Getty

We might see turkey and stuffing as the ultimate Christmas dinner - but a century ago, your main course would have looked very different...

Most of us spend the whole year waiting for our Christmas turkey dinner - but our ancestors might have been looking forward to things that sound much less appetising.

Tesco have called upon a food historian to reveal what Brits would have eaten for Christmas dinner over the last century... and looking at the whopping 11-course menu she has compiled, tastes have definitely changed!

Tasha Marks said: "Food has always been central to our Christmas celebrations, so it was fascinating to take a deep dive into the trends that have influenced our festive feasts over the past 100 years.

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Fondue was acceptable in the 80s
Fondue was acceptable in the 80s. Picture: Tesco

"From beef, to turkey, Port to Prosecco – some of our tastes may have changed, but decadence, delicious food and a touch of luxury have always been at the heart of our Christmas menus."

The first 10 courses will reimagine what people of each decade from the past 100 years would have enjoyed around the Christmas dinner table; from a 1930s festive ham terrine, to a 70s prawn cocktail with a modern twist and an update on the 80s drunken cheese fondue. The final course, the 11th, will celebrate the dish of Christmas future.

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People interested in dinners of days gone by are also in for a treat, as Tesco are putting together a special time-travelling banquet that features all the dishes next Wednesday and Thursday in London.

Guests will enter the venue, a former 1900s police station in Covent Garden, and receive a welcome drink inspired by the era to sip on as they journey back in time at the Tesco Feast of the Century. The feast costs just £19.19 – taking inspiration from the year Tesco was founded, with all proceeds going to charity.