Essex Police recruiting puppy walkers

16 August 2019, 06:16 | Updated: 16 August 2019, 06:21

Three Essex Police puppies

Essex Police are looking for volunteers to help guide and look after police dog pups - before they start their full-time training.

From early next year they want a number of ‘puppy walkers’ to foster the dogs until they're around 11 months old - with guidance from the force.

To qualify, you have to meet the following criteria:

- The puppy cannot be left unattended for any longer than four hours
- The puppy must live and sleep inside (they will be supplied with a sleeping crate, measuring 1.7m long x 0.8 high and 0.7m deep)
- You must have a suitable vehicle to transport dogs
- You must be able to offer the puppy frequent exposure to different areas and environments
- You must be willing to attend our Dog Section in Chelmsford for scheduled puppy training days
- You must have an outdoor space

You can register your interest now at