Prince Harry and Meghan will have to change their baby name if The Queen doesn't approve

26 March 2019, 12:57

Duke And Duchess Of Sussex
Prince Harry and Meghan will have to run the name past The Queen. Picture: Getty

Meghan Markle might want to think opt for an unusual or Hollywood style name for her first child with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry might want to think twice before deciding on any unusual baby names, as The Queen could veto any monikers she doesn't like.

With just weeks to go until Meghan gives birth to her first child in April, its got many wondering what the the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will call their child.

Now a royal expert claims The Queen's opinion will be extremely important, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will likely have to have an "informal conversation" with Her Majesty.

While it will be up to The Queen to decide whether Harry and Meghan's child gets given a royal title, it's believed she will be a bit more relaxed when it comes to the first name but the couple will still take her thoughts into account.

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The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex
The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex are slated to name their child Arthur if it's a boy. Picture: Getty

The Queen has the power to say what their title is," Royal commentator Kate Williams told CNN. "But in the case of names, it is more of an informal conversation.

Of course they have such respect for the Queen that if she says 'I really don't like that name,' they'd definitely take that into account."

If the new arrival does turn out to be a boy, bookies are slating their favourites as Arthur being the name of choice with odds of 12/1.

Edward and James are also a popular choice with odds of 16/1.