Rare footage of the Queen candidly interacting with her corgi has gone viral

11 February 2022, 17:02

Filming session with the Queen gets an adorable interruption

Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

It turns out even the Queen 'boops' her dog's nose.

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We all know how much the Queen loves her corgis. Her Majesty has been a dog-lover from a young age and is now the proud owner of Candy, Lissy and Muick.

While there have been plenty of pictures of the Monarch with her beloved pets throughout the years, it is very rare to see her interacting candidly with them in her own home.

This makes it even more exciting that this week we were treated to some seriously adorable footage of the Queen and one of her dogs acting like normal pet and owner at Windsor Castle.

It was during a meeting to mark her Platinum Jubilee, where Her Majesty was going through royal memorabilia, that Candy the corgi-dachshund cross made an appearance.

The Queen's meeting was interrupted by her beloved dog, Candy
The Queen's meeting was interrupted by her beloved dog, Candy. Picture: Getty

After waddling into the room to see what her owner was up to, Candy approached the Queen, who responded by reaching her arm out to the dog.

The Queen appeared to give her dog's nose a little 'boop' as she asked: "And where did you come from?”

In the footage, you can see Candy leaving the room as the Queen remarks: "I know what you want."

Her Majesty told her dog: 'I know what you want'
Her Majesty told her dog: 'I know what you want'. Picture: ITN / Getty Images

People have loved seeing the heartwarming moment between the Sovereign and her beloved pet, commenting how "normal" it makes the Queen seem.

One person commented on the video: "The dogs are probably the only beings who have never given one thought that the Queen is the Queen."

Another wrote: "The Queen is just like the rest of us who have pets! They can be adorable royal pains sometimes."

A third shared: "I love that the Queen talks to her dogs the same way I do."

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