Couple capture 'violent ghost' on babycam after daughter was left with scratches

26 March 2019, 12:17 | Updated: 26 March 2019, 12:23

A ghostly figure is seen walking past the baby's crib . Picture: Kennedy Media

A couple claim they want to move house after they experienced paranormal activity which they believe is causing harm to their one-year-old daughter.

A horrified mum-of-on believes a violent ghost has been haunting her house, after she caught the ghostly figure walking past her baby daughter's crib.

Heather Brough, 25, woke her one-year-old daughter Lily Higgins from her nap and was shocked to find her toddler had three deep purple scratches on her face.

Heather, who lives with her fiance Josh Higgins, 30, at his mum's guesthouse claims the mysterious injuries prompted them to check the babycam to see if their daughter had been scratching herself in her sleep.

However, when they checked the footage they were shocked to see a ghostly male figure walking past their daughter's crib before seemingly disappearing.

Now the couple are looking to move house after investigators confirmed they had "paranormal activity" in their home.

Heather, from Michigan, US, said: "This is a spirit - I don't know what its intentions are but at this point it's becoming physically harmful.

"This has made us want to leave as soon as possible. As soon as possible we're out of here.

"Seeing Lily's face with the scratches was so bizarre and frightening.

"There was no explanation as to how that would have happened. It happened within 20 minutes."

Josh's mother Kris, who owns the property, also confirmed the previous tenant was an elderly lady who was found dead at the bottom of her stairs, while her son who had 'schizophrenia' lived in the guesthouse before passing away a few years later.

Heather believes the spirits of the previous tenants could be causing harm to their daughter, as she explained: "We wondered if she'd scratched herself, but when we put her hands up to the scratches it did not match up."I think it's possible this is the previous tenant."

Ghost CCTV cam
The couple are looking to move house after investigators confirmed they had "paranormal activity". Picture: KennedyNews

This isn't the first time the family have encountered paranormal activity in the house, as Heather claims to have heard screaming in the night and footsteps up the stairs.

Heather said: "There have been times where me and my fiance would wake up in the morning and I would hear angry male voice - like someone had stubbed their toe."If I'm in the shower I hear someone running up and down the steps.

She explained: "I woke up to get ready for work one morning and it felt like someone was choking me.

"It shook me to the point where I decided to buy our camera.

"One time, from dead out of my sleep, I heard this man scream and it scared me.

"I woke up Josh and said 'did you hear that?' He'd heard nothing."

Baby CCTV ghost
Heather Brough, 25, is seen with her one-year-old daughter Lily Higgins. Picture: Kennedy Media

Grandmother Kris claims they are now super cautious about leaving their one-year-old alone.

She said: "Ever since that incident happened, they don't leave the baby alone in any particular room.

"They put her to bed and make sure they are upstairs with her. They're together at all times, except when she's at daycare."

"We've not had the guesthouse investigated yet but we'll be getting one out after this."