Who does Benedict Bridgerton marry? Everything we know about his future wife

20 May 2024, 09:01

Benedict Bridgerton is yet to find a wife on the Netflix show
Benedict Bridgerton is yet to find a wife on the Netflix show. Picture: Liam Daniel / Netflix

By Hope Wilson

Who is Benedict Bridgerton's love interest? Here is everything you need to know about his future wife.

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Benedict Bridgerton (played by Luke Thompson) has captured the hearts of fans in the third season of the hit Netflix show.

So far we've seen Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) begin their romance, while Francesca Bridgerton (Hannah Dodd) tries to find her feet in society. As fans eagerly await the release of Bridgerton season three part two, many have been wondering who the Bridgerton siblings marry, especially Benedict.

While the books see him fall in love with Sophia 'Sophie' Beckett, viewers are hopeful season four will document their intriguing relationship.

Who does Benedict end up with in Bridgerton? Here are all the answers you need.

Benedict Bridgerton is a fan favourite on the show
Benedict Bridgerton is a fan favourite on the show. Picture: Netflix

Who does Benedict Bridgerton marry?

In the Bridgerton books, Benedict Bridgerton marries Sophia 'Sophie' Beckett. However their love story is a complicated one, as they meet under unusual circumstances.

During a masquerade ball, Benedict falls for a mysterious woman whose identity he does not know. While the pair bond at the party, they are quickly separated as the lady leaves the ball at the stroke of midnight, leaving behind a single glove.

Soon after this chance meeting Benedict becomes acquainted with Sophia 'Sophie' Beckett, after rescuing the young maid and offering her a job. What Benedict doesn't know is that Sophie is in fact the same woman he met at the ball.

Benedict then finds himself toying between his feelings for Sophie and his connection with the masked woman. He eventually makes his choice and asks Sophie to marry him, not before finding out he was in love with the same woman the whole time.

Benedict and Colin are brothers in Bridgerton
Benedict and Colin are brothers in Bridgerton. Picture: Netflix

How old is Benedict Bridgerton?

Benedict Bridgerton is said to be 28-years-old during season three of the show and is the second eldest sibling.

Speaking about his character's journey in the third series, Luke told Country & Town House: "He’s so open for lots of new experiences, but it can be slightly paralysing, because it means he doesn’t really know where he fits in.

"And that’s where we find Benedict this season – pushed a bit further on."

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