Is Bridgerton based on a book and how many are there in the series?

15 May 2024, 16:41

Bridgerton cast speak out on series two

Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Bridgerton book set: Your need-to-know on the book series by Julian Quinn that Netflix show Bridgerton is based on.

If you're already a few episodes deep into new Netflix Regency era period drama Bridgerton, it may interest you to know that the show is actually based on a series of books.

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The series was written by author Julia Quinn, and the first - The Duke and I - was published in the year 2000.

Bridgerton is set in early 19th century London, and tells the story of the aristocratic Bridgerton family, the first of the series focusing on Daphne Bridgerton entering the marriage mart.

Here's your need-to-know on the books.

Bridgerton season one is based on a book by Julia Quinn
Bridgerton season one is based on a book by Julia Quinn. Picture: Piatkus

How many Bridgerton books are there?

There are eight books in total (plus one epilogue book), and the first - The Duke and I - is the novel that the first series of the Netflix show is based on.

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What happens in the other Bridgerton books?

While the first book centrally focuses on Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Bassett, the remaining books tell the stories of other characters, Anthony Bridgerton and Colin Bridgerton.

Speaking about his love of the books, show creator Chris Van Dusen told "The books had everything that I always look for.

Future seasons could tell the story of Anthony Bridgerton
Future seasons could tell the story of Anthony Bridgerton. Picture: Netflix

"They were funny, they were emotional, they were sexy, they were delightful. And there was this charming family at the centre of them. It was about escapism for me. Escapism is what I was looking for, and I think it’s what a lot of audiences are looking for right now as well."

The full list of books (in order) are below:

Book 1: The Duke and I

Book 2: The Viscount Who Loved Me

Book 3: An Offer From a Gentleman

Book 4: Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Book 5: To Sir Phillip, With Love

Book 6: When He Was Wicked

Book 7: It's in His Kiss

Book 8: On the Way to the Wedding

Book 9: The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After

Will future series of Netflix's Bridgerton follow the books?

If there are future seasons of Bridgerton, it is likely that this will remain based on the books.

Chris Van Dusen told that he would 'love to' to a second season, adding: "Obviously the first season that we’re focused on now is about the eldest Bridgerton daughter Daphne Bridgerton and her love affair with Simon.

"But we know there are eight Bridgerton books, there are eight Bridgerton siblings, and in success I’d love to be able to tell romances and stories for all of them."

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Does the Bridgerton series remain true to the books?

Speaking about how much of the books feature in the show, Jonathan Bailey - who plays Anthony Bridgerton - told "I think the nature and the wit and sensuality in the books are captured.

"And i think what Chris Can Dusen has got the scaffolding of the book there, and architecturally he’s going through a grand design.

I think there’s so much scope - we can go left, right and centre with this, and I think that must be what they saw in the books - the detail within the character and within family, and the world that they exist in is such that it’s a really good place to start and they can go whichever way they want."


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