Which Bridgerton sibling will lead season 4?

28 May 2024, 14:46

The Bridgerton family are the focus for the main love interests in the series
The Bridgerton family are the focus for the main love interests in the series. Picture: Netflix

By Zoe Adams

Bridgerton fans are looking ahead to the next Netflix season but who will be the lead love interest? Here's what we know.

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Netflix launched part one of Bridgerton season 3 in May and while we're counting down the days until part 2, some fans are already anticipating season 4.

With Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington being the lead love story this time around, fans of the show have become accustomed to the fact each season follows one Bridgerton sibling and their quest to find a husband or wife.

So far we saw Daphne take a husband in the form of Simon, the Duke of Hastings, and Anthony Bridgerton find an unexpected bride in the stunning Kate Sharma.

With this season still to be fully aired, we expect Colin and Penelope to wed also, however, fans and critiques of the show think they already know which sibling is coming next.

Benedict Bridgerton looks set to become the main character for season 4
Benedict Bridgerton looks set to become the main character for season 4. Picture: Netflix

Which Bridgerton sibling will lead season 4?

At present, no spoilers for season four have been revealed meaning viewers have only the books and a few season 3 easter eggs to go by when it comes to predicting the next storylines.

And with only four episodes aired, many are already convinced the show has given away lots of clues as to which Bridgerton brother or sister will be the next main love interest. Showrunner Jess Brownell has also confirmed there will be several hints in the final few episodes that point towards our next lead.

So who do they think? Well, most theories point strongly at Benedict and who he marries. While in this series he's been enjoying wooing widow Lady Tilley Arnold - we are yet to actually meet his wife Sophie Beckett.

However, Cressida Cowper's mother, Lady Cowper, may have just given us a huge hint as to the next storyline as she revealed her first name to be Araminta in an Instagram post with the wig department of the show.

While in the series we only know her as Lady Cowper, this revelation does indeed change everything.

According to Benedict's book, 'An Offer From A Gentleman', his wife Sophie is the illegitimate daughter of an Earl who lives with her stepmother, Araminta, and two step sisters Posy and Rosamund. After her father's death, she is downgraded and becomes their servant and housemaid. Hence, why we wouldn't have seen her yet.

In the book, Sophie sneaks out and attends a Bridgerton masquerade ball where Benedict falls instantly for her and vows to make her his wife. He then spends the next few years attempting to track her down.

However, we all know by now the Bridgerton books are heavily adapted for the Netflix series meaning we could be closer to meeting Benedict's future wife then we think.

The fact we now know Lady Cowper's first name to be the same, an increased look at the Cowper family this season and that we've now officially been inside the Cowper home have all contributed to this theory.

We guess we'll just have to wait until part 2 to figure it all out once and for all.


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