Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews bicker about morning breath in latest podcast

15 September 2020, 17:23

Vogue and Spencer are back with a new podcast - and this week they reveal a big morning turn-off
Vogue and Spencer are back with a new podcast - and this week they reveal a big morning turn-off. Picture: Getty / Instagram

They might be two of the UK's most-loved reality stars, but their latest podcast reveals that Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are human like the rest of us.

Spencer Matthews claims wife Vogue Williams pretends to be asleep to avoid his morning breath kisses.

On this week's episode of Spencer and Vogue, the star couple explain that they don't see eye-to-eye in the morning, quite literally.
Vogue says: "Spencer always wants to kiss in the morning and there’s nothing that turns my stomach more than the thought of someone’s morning breath.

"I can’t do it, you’ve got to stop, it’s not going to happen ever."

"I don’t want morning kisses until you brush your teeth."

Spencer replies: "Listen, what you’re saying is that you don’t want morning affection?

"Because usually I’d be asking people to form an orderly queue but you don’t want it."

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After Vogue interjects, 'Spenny' tells fans about her top tactic to wriggle out of a morning snuggle.

He says: "She sometimes pretends to be asleep to avoid it, I know she’s awake, and I like roll over to her to give her a little kiss and she pretends, she lies there dead."

Vogue replies: "I can smell him before he rolls over."

Ego bruised, Spencer hits back: "This is very…you’re not kind to me! You can smell me!

"Guess what, when I kiss you do I think your breath is delicious. I don’t but I do it anyway because I love you.

"You stink. You don’t smell nice either in the morning."

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