Why four Married At First Sight UK stars aren’t invited to the Christmas reunion special

25 October 2022, 07:01

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Whitney Hughes and April Banbury reportedly won't be taking part in the Married at First Sight UK reunion.

Married at First Sight UK has brought us so much drama over the past few months.

And it looks like it’s not over as there will be another reunion show over Christmas, but without some very key characters.

In fact, it has now been revealed that four stars won't be taking part including April Banbury and Whitney Hughes and their former partners George Roberts and Matt Murray.

A source told The Sun: “Not every participant from the 2021 and 2022 series was asked.

Whitney and Matt won't be at the MAFS UK reunion
Whitney and Matt won't be at the MAFS UK reunion. Picture: Channel 4

“But considering what key characters both of them were during the most recent run, there was lots of chatter on set about them not being involved.”

Whitney and Matt called quits on their relationship shortly after the cameras stopped rolling and they both turned up to the final dinner party alone.

Blaming their long distance relationship as the cause of their split, Whitney said: “After our vow renewals I went up to his and we were still super intense… but distance is a big thing."

She went on to say the pair has both been left feeling “frustrated” with the situation.

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It was never an easy ride for the pair, as Matt was originally matched with Gemma Rose, while Whitney married Duka Cav at the start of the show.

Meanwhile, despite vowing to stay together at the MAFS UK reunion, April and George have also split.

George was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of controlling and coercive behaviour, after three of his ex-girlfriends claimed he was an ‘emotional abuser', which he denies.

This comes after Gemma Rose also confirmed she won’t be returning to the show for the reunion.

A representative confirmed to Metro.co.uk that Gemma pulled out of the episode due to issues with the editing.

Gemma had a tough time on the show with her ex partner Matt and she ended up leaving when he got with Whitney.