Married at First Sight UK's Matt Murray shares regret about Whitney Hughes affair

29 September 2022, 08:28

Thomas storms off after major row on MAFS UK

Matt Murray has opened up about his 'affair' with Whitney Hughes on Married at First Sight UK.

If you’ve been watching Married at First Sight UK 2022, you’ll have seen all the drama between Matt Murray and Whitney Hughes.

Matt originally married Gemma Rose, while Whitney was paired with Duka Cav at the start of the show.

But after hitting it off during a trip away, the pair decided they were better suited to one another and even shared a kiss.

Unsurprisingly, this caused a huge row with the rest of the cast, with Gemma fuming: "You never tried with me, you never gave it a chance, you wrote it off...I feel used."

Matt Murray has opened up about his 'affair' on Married at First Sight
Matt Murray has opened up about his 'affair' on Married at First Sight. Picture: Channel 4

Now, Matt has said he regrets the way he handled the situation with Gemma and wishes he’d told her about his connection with Whitney behind closed doors.

Taking to his Instagram, he said he wishes he would have told her beforehands and they had been "broke up for a week" when he started developing a new relationship.

He said: "To put somebody in the position of finding out in front of all those people in hindsight its awful, it is absolutely awful. And that bit there, regardless of whether me and Gemma were getting on, that bit there is my biggest regret."

Gemma has now revealed she hasn’t spoken to Matt or Whitney since the show ended.

Matt and Whitney did a wife swap on MAFS
Matt and Whitney did a wife swap on MAFS. Picture: Channel 4

Fellow MAFS star Thomas Hartley - who was paired with Adrian Sanderson - has been supporting Gemma on his own Instagram.

He said: "She was fully invested, he wasn't remotely invested. His only investment was with the crayons he used to draw them tattoos on."

Meanwhile, it seems as though Whitney and Matt might still be together as they’ve been posting cryptic photos together.

After Whitney posted a photo of her and Matt having a drink together, fans were quick to comment on what a great couple they are.

Someone commented: “Is this Matt I see 👀🔥 You have come so far since the first episode, grown as a person and u can really see you becoming a better person through this experience. It’s ok to be vulnerable and let people in.”