Married At First Sight UK reunion argument so explosive bosses considering not airing it

18 October 2022, 14:34

Explosive rows to come in trailer for MAFS UK reunion dinner

The final instalment of the Married at First Sight UK reunion is set to be shocking.

Married at First Sight UK has been giving us plenty of drama over the past few weeks.

But it looks like things really kicked up a notch at the reunion after Kasia and Kwame got into a huge row.

The pair hadn’t spoken since Kasia voted to leave the experiment after being fed-up of their relationship going nowhere.

So when the pair came face-to-face at the reunion, things didn’t exactly go well.

Kasia and Kwame come to blows during the MAFS UK reunion
Kasia and Kwame come to blows during the MAFS UK reunion. Picture: Channel 4

In fact, Channel 4 almost didn’t air a huge argument between the pair because it was ‘too explosive’.

A source told The Sun: "The MAFS reunion tonight and tomorrow is set for fireworks as Kasia & Kwame come face-to-face for the first time since they left the show after Kasia wrote ‘LEAVE’.

"Kwame tries to give Kasia some smooth chat but Kasia’s reaction leaves the production team and cast shocked.

"Kwame and Kasia have not spoken since they parted ways at their last commitment ceremony.

"Kasia tells Kwame some devastating truths which producers thought long and hard about including in the show."

The source added Kasia ‘speaks her truth’ and tells Kwame some things she didn’t get to say during the show.

The MAFS UK cast come to blows during the reunion
The MAFS UK cast come to blows during the reunion. Picture: Channel 4

This comes after Married At First Sight UK viewers were shocked to learn that Chanita and Jordan Emmett-Connelly had split up.

The pair looked to be going strong during the final vow ceremony and declared how much they liked each other.

But during the reunion show, Chanita broke down in tears as she admitted to the girls they had gone their separate ways.

She explained that the pair had split after Jordan seemingly became uninterested after filming finished.

Opening up about their break-up for the first time, Chanita said: "When we came out of the experiment, his efforts changed.

"I kept saying I don't feel like you're interested in me, you're not making an effort' and he was like 'oh no, I can't wait to see you'

"Then he was like 'I don't think we're compatible, I don't want to be with you'. It was really weird."