Warning! Mulled wine and Christmas trees can trigger deadly asthma attacks

12 December 2018, 12:17

Asthma could be triggered by Christmas trees
Asthma could be triggered by Christmas trees. Picture: Getty

Experts are warning of the dangers the festive season can bring to asthma sufferers.

Christmas trees, mulled wine and even pigs in blankets are being linked to triggering potentially fatal asthma attacks.

With 5.4million people living with asthma, Charity Asthma UK have urged sufferers to take extra caution this festive season.

A whopping 42% of those living with asthma will have an attack bought on by moulds and fungi - and these could include the mould spores that are released into the air by real Christmas trees.

If you've got an artificial tree, it's also advised to decorate with caution, as no doubt a year in the loft or garage may have built up substantial dust or mould quantities - with dust triggering 64% of asthma sufferers.

Dust mites multiply rapidly in the winter months due to the increased use of central heating, making the chances of an attack considerably higher.

Heating can contribute to asthma attacks
Heating can contribute to asthma attacks. Picture: Getty

If you're partial to a mulled wine or two, or enjoy a plateful of pigs in blankets, experts warn that these products could also result in an asthma attack.

This is due to the increased amount of sulphites found in red wine - a core ingredient in mulled wine - and processed meats.

Dr Andy Whittamore, from Asthma UK, said: “Don’t let Christmas party essentials like mulled wine and Christmas trees trigger an asthma attack and ruin your festive fun.

“Following simple tips could be life-saving, like taking your preventer medicine every day and always having your reliever inhaler with you.

“It will help you stay well so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself.”