Parents can film reindeer visiting their homes on Christmas Eve

23 December 2022, 15:30 | Updated: 23 December 2022, 15:34

Reindeer chows down in front of Christmas tree in clip

Families can bring some extra magic to Christmas morning by revealing the reindeers have been!

The night before Christmas, families all over the world lay out mince pies and milk for Santa to arrive – not forgetting some crunchy carrots for his hardworking reindeers.

Children go to bed early in the hope of hearing hooves and a present-packed sleigh bumping down on their roof in the middle of the night.

Well now there's an incredible way you can bring even more magic to your children's Christmas by capturing Rudolf and his crew inside your living room.

McDonald's has relaunched their 'Reindeer Ready' feature, much to the delight of people with buckets of festive cheer.

The cool Christmas filming tool is so realistic.
The cool Christmas filming tool is so realistic. Picture: Claire Woosey

The sweet filming tool, which has proved extremely popular in previous years, means parents can capture the mystical gang gobbling up their special snacks on camera.

The clever function makes it feel like Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen or Rudolph are right next to your Christmas tree.

It's super-realistic and really simple to use, just head to the McDonald's Reindeer Ready website on your phone or tablet, click 'Reindeer Ready Live' then 'Get started'.

Once the tool has accessed your camera, just take a picture of where you want the animals to appear, whether that be your front room, your kitchen or even your little one's bedroom.

The fast-food chain will do the rest, adding in a digital reindeer complete with jingling bells and a rusty red head collar who scoffs up a delicious plate of carrots.

McDonald's has relaunched its popular 'Reindeer Ready' feature.
McDonald's has relaunched its popular 'Reindeer Ready' feature. Picture: Claire Woosey

It takes around 30 seconds to process then parents can then download the video to show to their kids come Christmas morning.

A word of warning though, the website is usually extremely busy on the 24th December so why not get ahead of the crowd and film the magical clip beforehand?

The McDonald's Reindeer Ready Hub is available to access now and will be running through to Boxing Day, you just need to be 18 to use it.

What better way to boost your family's Christmas spirit?

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