Over three quarters of cars checked in Ipswich for Operation Quartzite were issued with a fault or offence

24 April 2019, 17:00 | Updated: 24 April 2019, 17:07

Roads Policing

Suffolk Roads Policing team found 76 out of the 100 cars they stopped were either committing an offence or had a vehicle fault.

At Hadleigh Road yesterday (Tuesday 23rd April) police stopped vehicles in order to check their condition and details.
Four arrests were made after three people were discovered to be drug driving and one other was arrested for being in possession of a blade.
Police also dealt with 5 drivers with no licence, 10 cars that had no MOT and a total of 21 people not wearing a seatbelt.
Operation Quartzite is a series of days ran by Norfolk and Suffolk's Armed Forces and Roads Policing team to stop offences through stop checks at sites around the county.
Police also issued a cannabis warning, stopped a mobile phone user and found 8 people with defective tyres, 11 cars in a dangerous condition and 8 drivers with no insurance. 
There were also immigration, DVLA, DVSA and breath tests carried out at the site.