Possible fake taxi in East Northants

13 August 2019, 18:41 | Updated: 13 August 2019, 18:47

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East Northamptonshire Council has issued a warning to residents in the District after the taxi plate "PHV/3" has been stolen from a vehicle.

All taxis registered with the local council must display a licence plate, which in East Northamptonshire must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle and has a unique number.

There is a concern that the stolen plate could be fitted to other vehicles that may be used to commit a crime.
Steven North, Leader of East Northamptonshire Council, said:

"The theft has been reported to the police and the plate numbers have been decommissioned, but sadly a stolen licence plate can have an impact on the wider community and those using taxis should be extra vigilant.”
Wherever possible, pre-book a taxi and ask the driver for the name of the booking before you get in. A top tip is to always keep the number of a reliable firm with you so you don’t get caught out.”
When travelling by taxi, it is important that the following advice is followed:
• Plan how you’re going to get home from your night out - arrange a lift or book a taxi in your name and leave the taxi booking details with a friend.
• Always keep the number of a reliable taxi firm with you.
• Avoid taxis that tout for business and are unlicensed.
• When the taxi arrives, check it is the one you booked by asking for the name in which it was booked. If in doubt, don’t get in.
• If travelling alone, always sit behind the driver in the back seat.
• If you feel uneasy, ask to be let out.
• Stick with your friends and choose a meeting point for if you get separated.
• Never accept a lift from a stranger.
If you spot the plate "PHV/3" being used, please report as much detail as possible to the Police on 101.