MAFS Australia's Jonathan exposes Lauren for having a secret boyfriend whilst on the show

1 May 2024, 12:50

Jonathan has claimed that Lauren had a boyfriend whilst on MAFS Australia
Jonathan has claimed that Lauren had a boyfriend whilst on MAFS Australia. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

MAFS Australia may be over, but the drama just keeps on coming as Jono has now accused Lauren of having a partner whilst on the show.

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Married At First Sight Australia groom Jonathan McCullough, 40, has claimed that his ex-partner Lauren Dunn, 32, had a boyfriend the entire time she was in the experiment.

Following their dramatic argument at the MAFS reunion, Jono has hit out at Lauren after he and Ellie Dix, 32, received backlash on social media when their cheating scandal was uncovered.

Fans watched as Lauren was left in tears following the confirmation of Jonathan and Ellie's relationship, with the bride engaging in a war of words with Ellie during a very awkward dinner party.

Now Jono has responded to accusations that Lauren had a secret boyfriend whilst on the show, stating that his then-wife told him she had 'someone on the outside', despite the pair recently tying the knot.

MAFS Australia's Lauren and Jonathan had a rocky time on the show
MAFS Australia's Lauren and Jonathan had a rocky time on the show. Picture: Nine

The groom took to TikTok to reveal what really happened between him and his wife, telling fans:

"Lauren had a partner outside the experiment. She had someone she was interested in, she was good enough to tell me on the first day of the honeymoon.

"She said, "hey I have someone outside, I'm not interested in a relationship, let's just look after each other and have fun"."

The 40-year-old continued: "She said I was cheating on her and clearly that wasn't happening, she had someone else outside of the experiment.

"At the final dinner party, she did cry, because the table tore shreds through her. They said 'how dare you call Jono a cheater when you had a boyfriend the whole time' and she did get upset, she did cry."

Lauren has been accused of having a secret boyfriend
Lauren has been accused of having a secret boyfriend. Picture: Nine

Jono's claims were corroborated by fellow MAFS groom Tim Calwell, 31, who confirmed that Lauren did in fact have a boyfriend.

During his interview on the podcast Sit With Us, the 31-year-old stated: "Lauren came in on the second day and was like 'I'm seeing a guy in Bali.'

"So he [Jonathan] kept that on lock for the whole time and I was like 'I want to tell everyone'. Lauren was treating him like s***. I was like 'bro this girl's not treating you right man'.

"He literally let everyone else's secrets go except for the one person who he shouldn't have."

Watch Jonathan and Ellie blank Lauren at the MAFS Australia reunion:

MAFS' Lauren furious after Jonny and Ellie blank her

MAFS season 11 villain Jack Dunkley, 34, also disclosed that the whole cast knew about Lauren's mysterious partner.

The groom told Daily Mail Australia: "It was on camera, Lauren and Jono turned around and admitted to the group that they were in an arrangement throughout the entire experiment."

"Lauren and Jono apologised to me for being a hypocrite and going so hard at me throughout the entirety of the show.

"Lauren did confirm that she was having a bit of a fling with a guy in Bali one week before she married Jono, and she wished to pursue him after the show."

MAFS Australia bride Lauren has denied the boyfriend claims
MAFS Australia bride Lauren has denied the boyfriend claims. Picture: Nine

However Lauren has come out to defend herself against these rumours, with her representative telling Yahoo: "She has well and truly moved on with her life and hopes Jono can do the same."

Since leaving the experiment, the 32-year-old reality star is reportedly in a new relationship, after reconciling with her ex-boyfriend AFL star Ryan Crowley.

The couple were together prior to Lauren joining the cast of MAFS, with many viewers convinced she broke up with her sports star partner to go on the show.