MAFS Australia's Timothy says 'villain' Richard 'got off lightly' in edit as he reignites feud

1 May 2024, 16:10

MAFS Australia grooms Timothy and Richard have some unfinished business
MAFS Australia grooms Timothy and Richard have some unfinished business. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

There's no love lost between MAFS Australia's Timothy and Richard as their bromance is officially over.

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Married At First Sight Australia groom Tim Smith, 51, has reignited his feud with fellow MAFS star Richard Sauerman, after claiming that the 62-year-old 'got off lightly' in his edit.

The TV star was quizzed by comedian Amy Dickinson on whether there were any season 11 cast members who weren't 'villainized' on the show but should have been.

Tim responded: "Jayden. Jayden was a villain." Before going on to add: "To be honest, I thought Richard got of very, very lightly. I thought he got off lightly."

Despite appearing to get along during their time in the experiment, it looks like all is not well between Richard and Timothy, as they have both come out to slam the other.

Timothy has it out at MAFS Australia groom Richard
Timothy has it out at MAFS Australia groom Richard. Picture: Nine

Richard was the first to speak out against Tim, telling Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast that the 51-year-old had 'let him down' during his relationship with Andrea Thompson.

The TV star revealed: "When I was on the show and Andie and I were having difficulties, I was quite confused.

"I didn't know what was going on and I felt like, what's happening here? You want to talk to someone, so the person I talked to was Timothy because he was the oldest groom and the closest to my age."

He went on to add: "I talked to him a bit and I know that pretty much everything I said to him he told Lucinda who told Andie, because they are very, very close. So it took me a while to tweak that and when I did I was like, ‘Oh okay, I better shut up.'"

Richard from MAFS Australia has also spoken out against Timothy
Richard from MAFS Australia has also spoken out against Timothy. Picture: Nine

Richard and Andrea had a rocky journey on MAFS, and despite getting off to a good start, things took a turn when Richard made explicit comments about the couple's intimacy, leading Andrea to feel hurt by her husband's actions.

During his interview on Behind The Podcast, Richard went on to defend his words, telling the hosts: "I normally wouldn’t say under the spotlight we s***** and we f***** and we had a great week. I don’t go round talking about my sex life like that to anybody, it’s a show man, it’s intimacy week.

"It’s MAFS, like what do you mean, let’s go with it and have a bit of fun. It was intimacy week. This was the context in which I said this, it wasn’t just out of the blue as if I’m with a group of friends."

However things between Andrea and Richard couldn't be salvaged, and the couple split shortly thereafter.

Watch Richard and Andrea on MAFS Australia here:

Richard and Andrea argue on MAFS Australia

Similarly Timothy and Lucinda's partnership fizzled out whilst on the show, after the pair failed to see eye-to-eye.

While they did hint at a possible reconciliation during the MAFS reunion, the former lovers have come out to confirm they are just friends but will continue to stay in contact.