All the scenes 'cut' from the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

30 April 2024, 17:29

The MAFS Australia has recently aired but not all of the dramatic moments were shown
The MAFS Australia has recently aired but not all of the dramatic moments were shown. Picture: Nine

By Hope Wilson

While the MAFS Australia reunion was filled with plenty of fireworks, apparently there was even more drama that wasn't aired...

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Married At First Sight Australia 2024 ended with a bang, after a fiery reunion episode saw tensions raised and cheaters outed.

Fans were kept thoroughly entertained by the final episodes of season 11 as we watched Jono and Ellie announce their new relationship, Lucinda and Timothy hint that they may get back together and Tim and Sara have an argument to end all arguments.

With so much drama it's hard to believe there's anything viewers missed. However production insiders and the MAFS cast themselves have revealed there were a few fiery moments which were left on the cutting room floor, never to be seen by fans.

Here is everything that was edited out from the MAFS Australia reunion...

There were some fiery moments at the MAFS reunion
There were some fiery moments at the MAFS reunion. Picture: Nine

Lauren storming out of the dinner party

After Jonathan and Ellie entered the final dinner party as a couple, Lauren was left devastated and reportedly exited the show, refusing to return.

This led to producers coaxing her into coming back, with an insider telling Yahoo Lifestyle: "The producers convinced her to go back by saying she’ll get a better edit and get the chance to end the series a hero by calling Jono out."

Lauren and Sara were at the centre of the MAFS Australia reunion drama
Lauren and Sara were at the centre of the MAFS Australia reunion drama. Picture: Nine

Ridge and Jade's secret split

Jade and Ridge appeared to have the smoothest time on MAFS Australia. However since filming ended, their partnership has been plagued by infidelity rumours.

Now it looks like all may not have been well between the couple, as it was reported that Jade and Ridge had split multiple times between final vows and the reunion being filmed.

A source told Yahoo Lifestyle that the pair had a "huge fight" the night before the dinner party, however none of this was mentioned during the episode.

The insider added: "Producers knew they were in the middle of a fight but it made no sense to bring that onto the show, so they were told to smile and fake it for the sake of giving viewers a happy ending."

While Ridge and Jade are said to have split after the reunion, they are currently back together.

Watch the MAFS Australia reunion trailer here:

MAFS Australia reunion trailer

Jack and Tori leaving the dinner party

Lauren wasn't the only MAFS participant who reportedly left the reunion. After getting into a argument with everyone about his ex-girlfriend, Jack and Tori are said to have got up from the table and failed to return.

A source told So Dramatic! that Timothy allegedly tried to get Jack's ex to appear at the final dinner party, however Jack was informed of this and ended up confronting Timothy.

After getting into an explosive argument with Timothy, Sara and Lauren, the insider claimed: "Tori and Jack eventually stormed out of the dinner party and left."

Jack and Tori reportedly stormed out of the MAFS Australia reunion
Jack and Tori reportedly stormed out of the MAFS Australia reunion. Picture: Nine

Lauren making Jono and Ellie 'laugh'

Despite getting off on the wrong foot, Lauren has claimed that after their massive fallout at the dinner table, she was able to make Jonathan and Ellie laugh.

The 32-year-old bride told PEDESTRIAN.TV: "I felt like an absolute idiot when they walked in. After that all happened, and me and Jono had words, we actually had a good night together. Every time you see them laughing, it’s because of me.

"Like Jono and Ellie were in stitches laughing all night because I was making them laugh because I’m funny. I don’t think they’ve laughed that much together so when they finally get to see me they were having a laugh.

"The trailer made it a little bit more sinister but we actually all end up having a good night and we actually could talk about that with the experts on the couch the next day."

We would have loved to see them all make up!

Fans saw Ellie and Jonathan laughing at the MAFS Australia reunion
Fans saw Ellie and Jonathan laughing at the MAFS Australia reunion. Picture: Nine

Ellie shouting at Sara, not Lauren

One of the most shocking parts of the final MAFS dinner party was Ellie apparently calling Lauren a 'f****** b****'.

However this apparently isn't what it seemed, as Ellie later revealed that her insult was aimed at Sara, after the bride kept arguing with her.

Appearing on Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast, Ellie revealed: "It was at the very end of the night, and it was actually directed towards Sara because Sara was being so horrible to me.

"She came at me, and I had just snapped. I thought, ‘This isn’t your fight.'"

However the bride did add that she "definitely regrets swearing on camera like that" and stated that was the one thing her dad "asked me not to do."

MAFS Australia saw Ellie engage in a war of words with Sara and Lauren
MAFS Australia saw Ellie engage in a war of words with Sara and Lauren. Picture: Nine

Jayden making Lauren cry

Viewers watched as Lauren sobbed at the dinner table, with fans assuming this was because of Jono and Ellie.

However an insider informed PEDESTRIAN.TV that Jayden was actually the cause of Lauren's tears, revealing: "Lauren was crying because Jayden was yelling at her, not because of Jono.

"He was saying ‘You’ve treated Jono like s*** from start to finish’. Production pulled Jayden out and told him to stop because Lauren cried."

However it looks like relations between Jayden and Lauren have sweetened as they were recently seen partying together.

Lauren was left in tears at the dinner party
Lauren was left in tears at the dinner party. Picture: Nine

Richard and Andrea's final commitment ceremony

One of the favourite couples of season 11 was Richard and Andrea, but fans were shocked to see that their appearance at the final commitment ceremony was cut.

In an interview on Yahoo! Australia's podcast Behind The Edit, Richard revealed: "We were filmed that night. They filmed six couples but only five went to air, we didn’t go to air."

When asked what viewers missed, Richard said: "They missed the six minute highlight reel of our relationship. Why it didn’t go to air I have no idea, I think you might want to ask Andie that question. Maybe she has an answer to that."

The groom gave fans an insight into how his and Andrea’s final chat at the reunion went, stating: "It was a bit awkward, to be honest. We didn’t leave on good terms. We had exchanged a few text messages between leaving and between there [the reunion] but no real massive, meaningful contact.

"Andie was a bit stand-offish and that’s okay. I said on the couch I’d really like to be friends with Andie and they asked her if that was possible and she said ‘yeah, sure that’s possible’, so we kind of left on that note."