Martin Kemp says George Michael gatecrashed his first date with wife Shirlie

7 March 2019, 17:57 | Updated: 7 March 2019, 18:00

The Kemp family arrive at The Global Awards 2019 with
The Kemp family arrive at The Global Awards 2019. Picture: PA IMAGES

Martin made the revelation about his first ever date with wife of thirty years at the Global Awards.

Martin Kemp revealed George Michael crashed his first date with wife Shirlie Holliman.

The Spandeu Ballet singer and the Pepsi and Shirlie star have been married for over 30 years, but he revealed at the Global Awards it was the late Wham! star who introduced him to his future wife.

Speaking at the Global Awards he said: "George came along on our first date didn't he? We tried everything to get rid of him but we couldn't, so in the end he was there all night."

Shirlie claims she called on her Wham! bandmate George to accompany her on the date as she had a bought of first date nerves.

George Michael
George Michael was in the band Wham! with Shirlie Holliman . Picture: Getty

She explained: "George was part of me going on the date because I had Martin's number but I didn't dial it, so George said 'talk to him' but I didn't want to go to the date on my own is I asked George to come on the date with me."

While George may have played cupid, apparently it didn't make the introduction any smoother as Martin claims he was was terrified when he turned up to see Shirlie had bought a friend with her.

Martin recalled: "I then saw Shirlie standing outside the Camden Palace but she was with her mate and it was the worst thing ever, you don't bring your wingman [on a date!]"

Shirley interjected: "I feel sorry for George, because he was the gooseberry."

Still reeling at the embarrassing memory, Martin argued: "I know he was but it was worse for me Shirlie!"