This previously unseen clip of Diana telling Harry off is hilarious

6 August 2021, 10:01

Princess Diana can be seen scolding Harry after he starts bothering Princess Beatrice
Princess Diana can be seen scolding Harry after he starts bothering Princess Beatrice. Picture: Alamy
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

And the look Princess Diana gives Sarah Ferguson is even better.

The Royal Family are pictured everywhere they go, which makes it even more surprising when previously unseen footage resurfaces – especially when it is as funny as this.

The clip that has taken the internet by storm was taken from September 1990 when the Royal Family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the Battle of Britain 50th Anniversary Parade.

In it, we can see Princess Diana – dressed in a green suit and hat with yellow lining – standing next to Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York – wearing a black and white ensemble.

The Duchess of York is holding a very young Princess Beatrice in her arms, while Prince Harry stands in front of his mother.

Prince Harry loved to play up in front of the cameras
Prince Harry loved to play up in front of the cameras. Picture: Getty

In the hilarious moment caught on camera, Beatrice can be seen tapping Harry on the back of his head, to which the little Prince turns around and elbows her arm off him.

Diana is quick to intervene, giving Harry a very sharp look before moving him across to her.

What is even better is the look Diana shoots to Fergie, as if to say 'sorry about him'.

Watch the video here:

The video was posted on Instagram by royalty_dr and has been liked a massive 18,000 times, with people commenting how much they love to see these candid moments from the Royal Family's childhood.

In other royal news, Meghan Markle recently appeared on camera for the first time since she gave birth to baby Lilibet Diana, in a birthday video encouraging women to support other women as they return to work following the pandemic.

In the clip, posted on the Archewell website, Meghan looks glamorous as she sits in her office in her and Prince Harry's Santa Barbara home.

During the video, fans believe Meghan gave us a very quick glimpse at the first picture of baby Lilibet.

At the start of the video, the camera hovers a moment on Meghan calling Melissa, and in the background you can see a number of baby pictures.

The three-section frame on her desk appears to show three black and white pictures – one of which looks very much like Harry kissing a newborn baby.

Another appears to be Meghan herself holding, what looks like, their son Archie in her arms.

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