Dirty Mother Pukka episode 13: Anna Whitehouse discusses flexible working

20 May 2022, 15:13

Dirty Mother Pukka is back for season three
Dirty Mother Pukka is back for season three. Picture: Heart

Anna Whitehouse discussed her campaign 'Flex Appeal' on episode 13 of Dirty Mother Pukka.

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Dirty Mother Pukka is back for season three, and the new series has seen Anna Whitehouse and her co-host Polly Hazlewood welcome some incredible guests.

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The podcast has been described by Anna as 'feminism with a side of filth' that shows the '360 degrees of women'.

The synopsis reads: "This is where women turn up, show up and be themselves. Women who stand up in the House of Commons and love a Jilly Cooper novel. Women who are tired of being compartmentalised and boxed up. Think feminism with a side of Mills & Boon filth."

Dirty Mother Pukka is back!
Dirty Mother Pukka is back! Picture: Heart

This week, Anna is doing something a little bit different, and discussing flexible working with her co-host Polly.

Anna has been campaigning for flexible working since 2015 with her campaign 'Flex Appeal', and has a goal to make it the norm.

"Flexible working is not solely for parents, it’s not something only for ‘mummies that want to see more of their babies’," Anna says. "It’s about a fundamental shift in how we work. It’s about giving humans – all humans – the flexibility to do the job they need to in a way that works for both employer and employee."

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