Heart’s charity Global’s Make Some Noise provides funding to thirty-two small charities

9 April 2020, 16:24 | Updated: 9 April 2020, 16:25

Reuben's Retreat has benefitted from your fundraising - thank you!
Reuben's Retreat has benefitted from your fundraising - thank you! Picture: GMSN

Thirty-two small charities across the country have received a grant from Global’s Make Some Noise to help support their vital work.

Last year, Heart and its sister stations across Global, came together to raise money for Global’s Make Some Noise.

This money is more important than ever, and none of these grants could have been made possible without the incredible generosity and support from Heart listeners, and listeners across Global.

Global’s Make Some Noise has been helping communities since 2014 by supporting small charities that look after the most vulnerable people in the UK.

These grants will fund 41 roles over the next 12 months, providing some stability to small charities so they can continue supporting families across the country who rely on them.

During these challenging times, many charities are currently seeing an increased demand for their services as they support families living with illness and disability, and those facing isolation and anxiety.

SSNAP also benefited from your generosity!
SSNAP also benefited from your generosity! Picture: GMSN

At the best of times, these charities achieve incredible and life-changing work through volunteers and very little resources.

Today, they’re facing an uncertain future and receiving this funding will help charities working with:

- bereavement and trauma

- young carers groups

- disability

- life-limiting or life-threatening conditions

- music therapy

- care leavers

- mental health

Global’s Make Some Noise gives charities a platform to reach an audience of more than 34 million weekly listeners through Global’s radio brands: Capital, Heart, Classic FM, Smooth, LBC, Radio X, Capital XTRA and Gold.

Since its launch, Global’s Make Some Noise has raised over £19 million and supported 256 incredible charities and projects, helping 78,500 children and young people and their families.

We couldn’t do any of this, without you. Thank you!

You can find out more about the small charities supported through Global’s Make Some Noise here.

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