Lizzo on the moment she realised Beyoncé was watching her perform – and what she did next

19 April 2022, 19:00

Lizzo chats to Dev Griffin about her new single, her love for Beyoncé, and her impressive British accent

Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Lizzo chatted to Heart's Dev Griffin this week about everything from her fake British accent, to the inspiration behind her new single and her love for Beyoncé.

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Lizzo revealed the details of her first interaction with Beyoncé while chatting to Dev Griffin on Tuesday's evening show.

The Juice, Good As Hell and Truth Hurts hitmaker was on the show to talk about her new single About Damn Time when she told Dev how Beyoncé once watched her perform.

Lizzo told Dev: "It's better that I didn't know [she was watching me perform], because I would have done so badly.

"I would have over-performed for her, and I already kind of over-perform. So, imagine me times 10, times a zillion!"

She continued to explain: "I did see her in my peripheral, I saw the movement, and I was like 'that's not who I think it is, it's just not', so I decided to not confirm it and just stay focused on the show.

"And then I saw her at the very end, but she left before I could talk to her, so I've never spoken to Beyoncé."

Explaining her love for Beyoncé and her music, Lizzo added: "She's the one for me, I love her so much. I'm from Houston, I watched Destiny's Child on the rise. Watching Destiny's Child in the fifth grade inspired me to be a singer!"

You can watch the full interview in the player above.

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