The emotional moment P!nk surprises her biggest fan on Heart Breakfast

17 February 2023, 11:36

P!nk surprised her biggest fan on Heart Breakfast

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

P!nk joined JK and Kelly Brook on Heart Breakfast to give a superfan the surprise of her life.

The Heart Breakfast studio was left in tears on Friday morning, when P!nk surprised her biggest fan.

Nikki joined JK and Kelly Brook to chat about how her idol has changed her life since she was young.

But while she thought she was taking part in a quiz about P!nk, she was shocked when the star turned up unannounced to surprise her.

She was told to put a blindfold on and guess what an object had been put in front of her, but that object turned out to be P!nk's hands...

P!nk met her biggest fan Nikki
P!nk met her biggest fan Nikki. Picture: Global

As the pair hugged, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, with Nikki admitting P!nk has helped her through many milestones in her life, including coming out to her friends and family.

Her wife Tash and son Riley were also in the room, who were equally shocked to see P!nk sat just metres away.

Later speaking about the moment, P!nk said: “That was the best, way to just get really comfortable, really fast. We had a good cry… I needed that!”

P!nk was in the studio to chat all about her brand new album Trustfall which is out today (Friday 17th February).

Watch the incredible moment in the player above.

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