Trevor Sorbie: dog helped with my depression

3 March 2019, 09:05

Trevor Sorbie

Award-winning hairdresser Trevor Sorbie has told how owning a dog has helped with his depression.

The 69-year-old "little boy from Paisley" spoke of suffering with the condition as well as anxiety, throughout his life.
He's been telling how kiss-and-tell coverage of him during the mid-2000s drove him to consider taking his life.
But help has come from getting a pet, after reading in a magazine how making such a commitment could improve his mental health.
He said: "I have suffered from depression and anxiety.
"I read this article years ago and they said that anyone suffering with anxiety and depression, the best medicine is a dog.
"So I went and got a dog and you know what? It's right. It's so good for me, that little boy.
"I have to go out for an hour walking and I absolutely adore this little boy."
Sorbie - who gained fame with the creation of the Wedge cut - said he will stop working in the trade in a year, but will continue to cut wigs for people who have lost their hair.
He added: "That's my future, really - cutting wigs and taking my dog for a walk."