Married at First Sight UK 2021: What happened to Nikita and Ant and where are they now?

14 September 2021, 13:33

Ant and Nikita were matched on Married at First Sight UK
Ant and Nikita were matched on Married at First Sight UK. Picture: Instagram/Channel 4

What happened to Nikita and Ant after Married at First Sight UK? Here's what we know...

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already hooked on Married at First Sight UK.

And one couple bringing the drama this year is Nikita and Ant who didn’t exactly get off to the best start.

But what happened to Nikita and Ant after the show and are they still together?

Ant and Nikita tied the knot on MAFS UK
Ant and Nikita tied the knot on MAFS UK. Picture: Channel 4

Are Nikita and Ant from Married at First Sight UK still together?

No surprises, these two are definitely not still together.

As soon as 26-year-old Nikita saw her match, she said: “They’ve just done the total opposite of what I asked for.

“Looks are a huge thing for me and I don’t think they’ve listened to what I’ve said.”

After spending more time with Ant, 27, and his family she added she would ‘give the marriage a shot’.

But it looked like Ant was having doubts too as he called her ‘a bit of a stress head,’ adding: “I’m really laid back and she’s the opposite, we’ll see how the day goes.”

Things only got worse when the pair headed on their ‘romantic’ honeymoon, where Ant could be seen telling his new bride: "If you want to get it out, get it out".

Nikita then swore at him before throwing a cup.

After one particularly fiery outburst at the first dinner party, Nikita was actually removed from MAFS.

A spokesperson for E4 confirmed: “The wellbeing of cast and crew is our utmost priority at all times throughout production and beyond.

“During filming, a situation escalated off camera and Nikita displayed a level of aggression that was unacceptable and breached our agreed code of conduct on behaviour.

“As a result, she was asked to leave the experiment. All involved have been offered support and Nikita has since apologised and resolved the situation with those involved.”

Ant went on to re-join the show with fellow MAFS UK contestant Alexis Economou, who was originally married to Jordon Mundell.

The pair hit it off at a dinner party and were allowed to have another go at love as a brand new couple.

There is no word as to whether these two are still together.

Where is Nikita from Married at First Sight UK now?

Newcastle-native Nikita has been travelling all over the place since she stopped filming.

As well as spending some time in Dubai, she has also been spending time with her friends in London.

She seems to be back in Newcastle now and has shared lots of photos hanging out with her Geordie Shore besties, Sophie Kasaei, Chloe Ferry and Bethan Kershaw.

Where is Ant from Married at First Sight UK now?

As for Ant, he is back in his home town of Manchester and has been modelling.

While he did work as a business development specialist before the show, it’s not clear whether he has gone back to his day job or is now modelling full time.

There is also no sign of whether he is still with Alexis...