"Inconsiderate drivers" stopped during Brexit go-slow

23 March 2019, 06:28

Drivers angry with delays to Brexit took to roads in Devon and Cornwall.

National blockades and go-slow protests over Brexit had been arranged by national group, Brexit Direct Action.

Lorries, caravans, tractors and cars had been encouraged to join convoys on the A30 and M5 yesterday evening during rush hour to cause delays on the roads.

On the A30, around 7 miles of tailbacks were caused between Bodmin and Truro - but neither protest attracted big numbers.

Devon and Cornwall police say they spoke with organisers of the go-slow events, advising them not to go slower than 45mph.




On the A30, police stopped 9 vehicles, the front two have been reported for inconsiderate driving, and the others given advice and allowed to continue their way at an appropriate speed.

Two drivers on the M5 ignored the advice of police and slowed to just 20mph - they were stopped and prosecuted.

In a statement Brexit Direct Action said