How to make your Brussels sprouts taste good to even the fussiest eaters this Christmas

16 December 2019, 13:01

Here's how to perk up your Brussel's sprouts
Here's how to perk up your Brussel's sprouts. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

There are plenty of ways to jazz up your Brussels sprouts this Christmas.

Let’s face it, Brussels sprouts have a bad rep. Most of us are scarred by childhood memories of the pesky vegetables being boiled until they’re limp and lifeless.

So, it’s no surprise that they are been voted one of the least enjoyed Christmas dinner accompaniments every year - especially when they’re up against the likes of pigs in blankets and roast potatoes.

But despite all the negative press, Brussels are not only extremely healthy, but they can be totally delicious when they are prepared properly.

Here’s a few simple tips and techniques to ensure your kids will gobble up every last bite of their sprouts this year.

Brussels sprouts can be made delicious with a few added ingredients
Brussels sprouts can be made delicious with a few added ingredients. Picture: Getty Images

1. Don’t overcook them

The most important rule when it comes to Brussels, is not to overcook them. You want to make sure the leaves stay crisp and green, with a bit of crunchiness when you bite into them.

The veggies also contain healthy compounds called glucosinolates, but when they are cooked for a long time they release sulfur which can smell similar to rotten eggs.

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2. Fry for crispiness

If you’re worried about overboiling sprouts this Christmas, why not try frying them instead.

Check out this recipe using shallots, honey, and balsamic vinegar which brings out the natural sweetness of the veggies.

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Try frying Brussels sprouts for crispiness
Try frying Brussels sprouts for crispiness. Picture: Getty Images

3. Put them in the oven

Possibly the easiest way to prepare Brussels sprouts, is to throw them in the oven to bring out the natural sweetness.

All you really need to do is put olive oil on them and put them in the oven for around half an hour.

The outer leaves get caramelised, golden, and crispy while they become soft on the inside.

You could also try adding parmesan cheese and powdered garlic like this recipe.

4. Add other ingredients

If the bitterness offends you, other flavours such pancetta, chestnuts and parsley will give the veggies a festive feel.

Check out Nigella’s recipe here.

5. Try them raw

If you’ve got any spare Brussels after the big day, you can actually eat them raw.

Just shred the sprouts and mix them with other greens, shredded carrots and sweet beetroot for a fresh salad after a decadent festive feast.