How to have a delicious vegetarian Christmas dinner: The best veggie ideas instead of turkey

11 December 2019, 13:50

How to have a tasty vegetarian Christmas dinner
How to have a tasty vegetarian Christmas dinner. Picture: Getty Images/Sainsbury's/Aldi/Booth/M&S
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Here's how to have a vegetarian feast over the festive period.

Like it or not, the Christmas countdown is officially on and it won’t be long until we’re ripping into presents and tucking into endless amounts of mince pies.

And while turkey is traditionally found at the centre of the table, more and more families are opting for meat-free options this Christmas for ethical and environmental reasons.

But by ditching pigs in blankets this December 25th, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with brussel sprouts and soggy parsnips for your dinner, as there are some amazing plant-based alternatives on the market now.

So, here’s how to have an incredible vegetarian Christmas dinner this year.

Portobello Mushroom Wellington - COOK

Portobello Mushroom Wellington by COOK
Portobello Mushroom Wellington by COOK. Picture: COOK

Price: £10

This stress-free option will rival any turkey centre piece.

Packed with flavours and made specifically to complement the traditional Christmas trimmings, it can be cooked straight from the freezer.

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Find it here.

Mushroom, Cavolo Nero and Mascarpone Parcels - Waitrose & Partners

Mushroom, Cavalo Nero & Mascarpone Parcels
Mushroom, Cavalo Nero & Mascarpone Parcels. Picture: Waitrose & Partners

Price: £16 for four

These pastry parcels are filled with mushroom, cavolo nero and mascarpone layered with a creamy, luxurious cheese and madeira filling.

Whether you want a luxurious starter, or something to go alongside your roasties, these are a tasty option.

Find it here.

Brussels Sprout Gratin - Aldi

Brussels Sprout Gratin
Brussels Sprout Gratin. Picture: Aldi

Price: £2.29

Brussels sprouts don't have to be boring, as Aldi has proved with this breadcrumb-topped gratin complete with festive additions - chestnut, cranberries and mascarpone.

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Find it here.

Vegetarian Crowns - Aldi

Vegetarian Crowns from Aldi
Vegetarian Crowns from Aldi. Picture: Aldi

Price: £2.99

Another perfect starter for December 25th, these little pastries are stuffed full of a caramelised onion mix, carrots and topped with a sherry vinegar glaze.

Find it here.

Vegan sausages wrapped in vegan bacon - Sainsbury's

Vegan pigs in blankets by Sainsbury's
Vegan pigs in blankets by Sainsbury's. Picture: Sainsbury's

Price: £5.50

You can make sure no one misses out this Christmas with Sainsbury's selection of 10 peppery vegan mushroom sausages wrapped in vegan bacon.

You'll also get 12 mushroom stuffing balls with sage in the packet too.

Find it here.

Jewelled Root Vegetable Wreath - Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's Jewelled Root Vegetable Wreath
Sainsbury's Jewelled Root Vegetable Wreath. Picture: Sainsbury's

Price: £7.50

This centre-piece is dusted with sweet cranberries, pomegranate seeds and crunchy pumpkin seeds on a wreath of butternut squash, sweet potato and chestnut.

Finish with a delicious drizzle of the sweet berry glaze and even your meat-eating friends will want a slice.

Find it here.

Pearl Barley Risotto - Booth

Peal Barley Risotto - Booth
Peal Barley Risotto - Booth. Picture: Booth

Price: £6

If you're bored of nut roasts and mushroom wellingtons, this festive pearl barley risotto could be the answer.

With vegetables slowly cooked in mascarpone, red wine and cheese, the winter warmer is topped with kale, butternut squash, chestnuts and cranberry sauce.

Find it here.

Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Rosti - M&S

M&S Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Rosti
M&S Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Rosti. Picture: M&S

Price: £7

Impress your friends with these butternut squash and sweet potato rostis.

The pack also includes roasted squash and red onion confit, with feta cheese and a basil pesto dressing.

Find it here.

Ricotta Stacks - M&S

Ricotta Stacks from M&S
Ricotta Stacks from M&S. Picture: M&S

Price: £7

M&S's baked ricotta stacks have been hailed a 'vegetarian delight' by shoppers.

Topped with mushrooms, leeks and kale, and a creamy white wine sauce, it makes a tasty starter or roast dinner accompaniment.

Find it here.