IKEA is selling Santa Traps to help kids catch Father Christmas delivering presents

11 December 2019, 12:33

Children can now 'trap Santa' with this gadget
Children can now 'trap Santa' with this gadget. Picture: Getty Images/IKEA
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

IKEA has launched ‘Santa Traps’ to help children try and catch the man himself this December.

Christmas Day is quickly approaching, which means Father Christmas is currently getting his reindeers ready for the epic journey ahead.

And as your little ones prepare for his impending visit with mince pies and magic stardust, it seems everyone is desperate to catch a glimpse of Santa in the act.

In order to give curious kids a chance of spotting their favourite festive pal, now IKEA is selling it’s very own ‘Santa Trap’.

Rebranding it’s TRÅDFRI motion light sensor for the Christmas period, the handy gadget detects movement and will automatically turn on/off up to ten light sources from a maximum range of ten metres.

IKEA's 'Santa Trap' is £15
IKEA's 'Santa Trap' is £15. Picture: IKEA

So, if you put one by the fireplace, it will sense anyone filling up stockings and the synced-up lights will turn on.

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This means Santa will have to be extremely quick on his feet to avoid being caught…

The clever gadget comes as research recently revealed the lengths children in the UK go to in order to spot Santa.

In the study - carried out by IKEA - it was found that 74% of kids have set booby traps in the past, with 23% insisting they’ve seen Santa sneaking around their house.

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Taking inspiration from Home Alone, the results showed 47% have left out treats as bait so they can catch him eating them.

Meanwhile, 13% of those asked had sprinkled flour by the fireplace, while 5% have set up bells to let them know when Santa has arrived.

Evanthia Nikoglou, Expert Santa Catcher, IKEA UK and Ireland said: “Our nifty “Santa Traps” use motion sensor technology to detect the slightest movements in the home, turning on the lights using IKEA’s TRÅDFRI Smart Bulbs.

“We’re excited that children all over the UK will now be in with a better chance of catching a glimpse of Santa this year, bringing Christmas joy to homes this festive season!”

The 'Santa Traps' - which work with IKEA’s TRÅDFRI Smart Bulbs - are available to buy in all IKEA stores across the UK from the 9th – 15th December and online here.