Experts reveal how to make sure you win the Christmas cracker pull every time

16 December 2019, 11:16 | Updated: 16 December 2019, 11:18

There's a technique for pulling Christmas crackers
There's a technique for pulling Christmas crackers. Picture: Getty Images

There’s a secret trick to making sure you win the Christmas cracker prize every single time.

Along with roast potatoes, stockings and mince pies, pulling Christmas crackers has become a festive tradition for most of us.

But if you’re always left with a limp piece of cardboard and no novelty gift in your hand, you could have been doing it wrong this entire time.

Yep, it turns out there’s more to winning the Christmas cracker prize than just luck, as defence technology experts QinetiQ have revealed the perfect technique.

As reported in the Telegraph, it’s all about the way you hold the cracker. You should make sure your arm is lower than the other person's and the cracker is tilting towards you.

Here's how to win every time you pull a Christmas cracker
Here's how to win every time you pull a Christmas cracker. Picture: Getty Images

To prevent the cracker tearing, you should also use a firm, two-handed grip.

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However excited you may be about reading out a classic dad joke and putting on your paper hat, it’s also important not to pull too aggressively.

Instead, the experts say you should “apply a slow, steady pull, rather than a swift tug, which will only compromise the integrity of your section of the cracker.”

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Finally, avoid twisting your arm as this will “add stress to the cracker wrapping.”

Meanwhile, an etiquette specialist recently revealed a lot of families have been pulling Christmas wrong for years.

Liz Brewer, a UK expert on social behaviour, told the Daily Star you must wait until the end of your main course, before the Christmas pudding or at the end of your meal.

She went on to tell the publication: “When pulling your cracker, don’t lean over other guests and mind your cracker doesn’t go in the food.

“You mustn’t be sad should you not win the prize within the cracker. Always congratulate the victor and never ever request to keep their toy, especially if it’s a child.”

Liz also said that you should take your hat off immediately after finishing dinner, continuing: “Do not wear your paper crown once you’ve left the table, it is very gauche to do so.”

Before adding: “Do not be too aggressive when pulling your cracker as this can be dangerous, especially when your competitor is an older family member.”