South West fishermen can now recycle their old nets for free

29 July 2019, 17:12 | Updated: 29 July 2019, 17:14

It all started with a small project in Cornwall, now all harbours and ports can take advantage of the free recycling scheme.

Rob Thompson from Odyssey Innovation has been collecting the nets for the past year, and turning them into Kayaks – but now he’s been able to increase collections and send even more nets off for recycling.

He's teamed up with Seafish and Morrison's to roll out the scheme to all harbours and ports in the South West.

Previously any old and damaged nets would have been sent to landfill, at a cost to the fisherman and the harbour.

It's hoped now this free services is being offered, no more fishing nets will be sent to landfill.

Rob says they're now collecting tonnes of net, and sending it to Denmark in a lorry load to be recycled. They have developed specialist technology there to recycle the nets into plastic pellets. 

They will then be used to create new products, from Robs kayaks to sunglasses, park benches and even roof tiles.

Rob says " We've trialled a few systems to recycle the nets here in the UK, but without any success".

With investment from the government, it's hoped the whole process could be done in the UK.