Devon Student Leads Januhairy

7 January 2019, 12:16 | Updated: 7 January 2019, 12:24

Laura Jackson leading Januhairy

Woman around the world are ditching their razors for Januhairy because of a Devon student from Exeter University.

Januhairy is a project for women to come together, encourage one another and grow out their body hair for the month of January. 

It's all to raise money for Body Gossip's education program: aiming to change young minds and their views on their bodies. 

Body Gossip is a charity that combines Arts and Education to empower everybody to be the best version of themselves. 

More information is found here on their website: Body Gossip

The stigma of body hair on women is still seen by some as abnormal. Laura Jackson has similar thoughts until she challenged herself earlier on in the year to grow hers out for a drama production. 

She said: "There had been some parts of this process that were challenging for me, and others that really opened my eyes to the taboo of body hair on a woman. 

"Some of us don't like it, some of us do… but we are all still feminine, hygienic and beautiful, no matter how smooth or hairy. 

"After a few weeks of getting used to it, I started to like my natural hair." 

Laura claims the process helped her so much with the way she viewed myself and the way she viewed other women. 

Among those taking part in Januhairy are University of Exeter students India Howland, Lila Boschet and Roisin McCay-Hine.