Abbots Hill School

Abbot’s Hill School

Welcome to Abbot’s Hill School

Abbot’s Hill gives children the space to be themselves. They are an empowering school where each child can be themselves, achieve their very best and explore their passions. They want your child to be happy, healthy and successful. They would love to welcome you to their idyllic school for a tour so you can experience an Abbot’s Hill welcome for yourself.

Their vision is to be a first choice school with outstanding environments in which to work, learn and play. They embrace diversity and provide an education fit for the modern world by challenging everyone in their community to be confident in who they are, develop strength of character and to become active, compassionate citizens who make significant and lasting contributions to others throughout their lives.

They have developed their beliefs and behaviours as a whole community into a set of values and actions that guide their Prep and Senior Schools. Each year, these values are reviewed as a collective community of children and staff to ensure that they reflect their ethos and vision.

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Bunkers Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP3 8RP