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Holidaymakers may have to delay their travel plans

Brits may have to wait weeks yet to find out if they can book holidays abroad

Boris Johnson has said there will be an update on travel in the next few days

Boris Johnson promises travel update 'in a few days' but warns it's too early to book holidays abroad

Holidays in the UK are now illegal

Holidays abroad made illegal from Monday with £5,000 fines for rule breakers

When will travel within the UK be allowed?

When can I travel in the UK?

It is not yet known when Brits will be able to go on holiday again

'Traffic light' system could allow Brits to go on holiday this summer

Portugal has been taken off England's 'red list'

Portugal removed from England's 'red list' ahead of travel ban being lifted in May

We don't yet know when summer holidays will be allowed, but we may be able to visit France when they are

More hopes for summer holidays as France lifts travel restrictions

Cyprus will welcome vaccinated Brits from May

Cyprus to allow vaccinated Brits to visit from May

Spain are considering 'green corridors' for vaccinated Brits'

Hopes for summer holidays as Spain plans 'green corridor' for Brit tourists

Jonathan Van Tam discussed summer holidays in the press conference yesterday

Jonathan Van-Tam says there's 'great uncertainty' as he speaks out on summer holidays

Will festivals go ahead this year? (stock images)

Will festivals go ahead this year and when can they happen again?

Greece may allow vaccinated people into the country for holidays from May

Greece holidays could be back on by May for holidaymakers who have been vaccinated

When will holidays abroad be allowed?

When will foreign holidays be allowed?

Everything we know about when staycations might be allowed in the UK

When will self-catering holidays and staycations be allowed in the UK?

When will holidays be allowed?

GMB doctor urges people to be 'hopeful but cautious' if planning holidays

it's unclear whether summer holidays will go ahead this year

Can summer holidays go ahead this year? Everything we know so far

Are summer holidays going ahead in 2021?

Government 'doing everything they can' to make summer holidays happen, says Matt Hancock

Brits have been told to hold off on booking summer holidays abroad

Brits warned it is 'too early' to book summer holidays as lockdown continues