Holidaymakers have started documenting shocking hotel 'sunbed wars'

22 June 2022, 14:21

Would you be doing the same at the crack of dawn to reserve a sunbed?
Would you be doing the same at the crack of dawn to reserve a sunbed? Picture: TikTok
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Are you guilty of heading down to the pool at the crack of dawn with your towel to reserve a sunbed?

With summer finally here, more and more people are jetting off on holidays abroad, seeking out sun, sea and relaxation.

An element of a summer holiday which is far from relaxing, however, is the constant fight for the best sunbeds.

Anyone who has stayed at a resort hotel will understand this pain, and for those who haven't experienced it, holidaymakers have been documenting (what they are dubbing) 'sunbed wars'.

That's right, across TikTok people have been posting videos of queues to get into pool areas to reserve seats, while others have been recording their fellow holidaymakers getting up at the crack of dawn to ensure they have a comfortable seat in the sunshine.

Take this video, for example, posted on TikTok by claudiacosta._, which shows a huge queue assembling at the entrance to the pool at her hotel in Palma, Spain:

And this one, shared by user5630519449202, who caught the rush to the sunbeds one morning:

Then there's this one, posted by tommcluskie, where he describes the scramble like the Grand National of sunbeds:

And there's this post by welcometosophiesworld, which shows her daughter going down to the pool to reserve sunbeds at 6:00am, only to be met by someone else doing the same thing:

Finally, there's this footage of the rush to get a sunbed, posted by jlie5:

Of course, the flurry of 'sunbed war' posts have caused a huge debate online – whether it's ok to reserve sunbeds with your towel or not.

One person, who is all for getting up early to reserve a sunbed, commented online: "I don't know why people still complain, it's normal to want a decent sunbed for the day. If they can be arsed getting up early let them."

Another person wrote: "I thought this was a thing? Doesn't everyone do this?"

Others, however, disagree and think that sunbed reserving should not be allowed.

One of these people commented on TikTok: "I think their towels should be thrown in the pool."

Another echoed these thoughts, writing: "I just take the towels off and move the beds to another part and watch the drama unfold from a distance when they blame someone else."

So, what about you, are you a sunbed reserver? Have your say in our poll:

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