Airplane passenger sparks debate after draping long hair down the back of seat

9 June 2022, 10:56

A woman draped her hair down the back of her seat
A woman draped her hair down the back of her seat. Picture: Reddit/Getty Images

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A woman has caused outrage after draping her long hair down the back of a seat on a plane.

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A passenger on a flight has been criticised after they draped their hair over the back of their seat.

Shared on Reddit, a fellow flyer took a picture of his experience, simply writing: “My view for most of my three-hour flight.”

The snap sees the long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and flung over the tray table of the person behind them.

Other Reddit users were quick to comment, with one writing: “Yeah. It’s simple. I fly a lot for work. This happens every now and then.

A picture of someone's hair was shared on Reddit
A picture of someone's hair was shared on Reddit. Picture: Reddit

“I usually just tap them on the shoulder and say “excuse me, your hair looks great but I don’t want it to get caught in the tray or seat. You should probably move it. ” and that’s it. Worked every time - so far.”

Someone else agreed: “EXACTLY! ‘Excuse me, would you mind moving your hair? It's blocking my screen.’ Really not difficult and 99% of the time they'll say ‘oh sorry’ This didn't need to be a problem.”

A third said: “‘Excuse me, your hair is in my way back here’. ‘Oh ok’. ‘Thanks’. End of issue. You’re never going to see that person again and they have no valid reason to be offended.”

A Reddit user has shared a picture of his airplane experience
A Reddit user has shared a picture of his airplane experience. Picture: Getty Images

While a fourth shared their own experience, writing: "I have a lot of long hair and sometimes if I put it up like this, sections of hair fall out of the band and drop down.

“It looks just like how this person’s hair is falling. My hair is pretty heavy and sometimes I don’t notice it’s partially fallen because it’s all just swinging away back there and it’s really the boss of me most of the time.

“I’d maybe give them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t know it’s fallen down? I’d be very embarrassed if my hair had done this and it would be even worse if the person just suffered in silence instead of asking me to move my damn hair."

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