Nail salons to face major reopening changes such as no children and no walk-ins

5 June 2020, 16:40

Salons will be transformed after lockdown
Salons will be transformed after lockdown. Picture: Getty

We can't wait for our first treatment - it's been so long!

We've all been missing our manicurists during lockdown and if your nails aren't currently bitten down and chipped... you've done well!

Salons are likely to start reopening from the start of July, so a few weeks away now, and obviously some major changes will be put in places.

Here are the changes we expect to see in place:

Salons will put safety measures in place
Salons will put safety measures in place. Picture: Getty

Technicians wearing face masks

Nail techs usually do wear face masks to protect themselves against fumes.

However, as they prepare to re-open, the British Beauty Council has advised that all technicians will now have to wear one for the purpose to preventing the further spreading of coronavirus.

It's also likely that customers will need to wear them too.

No walk-ins

One of the best things about high street salons is the ability to just pop in when you have some spare time for a quick mani/pedi.

However, this won't happen much longer as the British Beauty Council has also recommended that salons do not take walk-ins so that they can prepare for pre-booked appointments properly and manage the amount of people that'll be in the shop at once.

Fabulous Digital spoke to Millie Kendall MBE, the CEO of British Beauty Council, who said: "We would suggest [customers fill out questionnaires before their appointments.]"It helps the stylist, therapist, technician or artist assess what they need to prepare."

Social distancing

This is a tricky one, as it's impossible for you to get your nails done when two meters away from the technician.

However, it's also been advised that the nail stations should all be at least two meters apart, with additional floor markings to make it easy for customers to abide by the measures.

The British Beauty Council gave this advice along with saying a one in, one out system could indeed be on the cards.

Not using your phone

Skin specialist and health practitioner Tammy Richards told Fabulous Digital that it's likely people will have to change the way they use phone in the salon.

Phones get in the way and are annoying during treatments, but Tammy said: "Even outside of the salon, regularly disinfect your phone.  It is a hotbed for germs and often neglected when cleaning."

Children not allowed

It's not uncommon for people to take a friend or their child along to an appointment, especially if it's a walk-in.

However, Daisy Kalnina - founder of leading salon brand The GelBottle Inc - revealed: "It’s unlikely that waiting areas will be used and instead, clients will need to arrive exactly on time for their appointment and avoid being late.

"Friends, partners and children won’t be permitted to wait and the design of the salon may be stripped back to necessary interior objects only, to ensure cleaning can be performed more easily."