When is the Downing Street coronavirus briefing today and who is speaking at the conference?

23 June 2020, 17:09

The conservatives lead the briefings
The conservatives lead the briefings. Picture: PA

Every day the Government addresses the UK on the newest COVID-19 updates. Here is the lowdown on who will be leading the briefings and the timings.

Since the start of lockdown we've been briefed every single day by the Government, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet members leading the way.

Their daily press conferences are broadcast across the country so that any Brit can tune in, and we're updated daily on any statistics, death tolls, infection rates, hospitalisations and more.

The Prime Minister
The Prime Minister. Picture: PA

If there's a large development in regards to easing restrictions, we're updated in the live briefings.

In the past weeks we've been told about the roadmap, restrictions in terms of social distancing, when facilities will be allowed to reopen, wearing face coverings... the list goes on.

Here's all the information you need on today's (Tuesday 23 June) briefing.

When will the meeting be?

Today, the meeting will happen at 5pm.

Who will lead the meeting today?

Today, the meeting will be led by Boris Johnson.