Martin Lewis shares simple shower trick that could reduce energy bill by more than £70

14 March 2022, 08:44

Martin Lewis has revealed his money saving hack
Martin Lewis has revealed his money saving hack. Picture: ITV/Getty

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has revealed how you could reduce your bills.

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With energy costs rising across the UK next month, Martin lewis has shared his top tip for reducing your bill.

Speaking at the Ideal Home Show, Martin explained the only way to save on energy is to use less water.

"Much of the water we use in our home has been heated, so we pay for it to be heated,” he said.

You could reduce your energy bills
You could reduce your energy bills. Picture: Getty Images

He continued: "There’s a website called which collates all the freebies available from the water companies around the country, such as £30 aerated shower heads, which you can get for free.

"What that does is you can feel the same shower pressure but you’re actually using far less water to do it.”

Martin added: "It’s worth checking out, go grab yourself a freebie, save on your water – good if you’re on a water bill – and save on your energy because you’re paying to heat less water.”

According to consumer rights expert for Resolver, Martyn James, by fitting an energy efficient shower head and cutting down shower time by just one minute per person, a family of four could save £28 off their gas bills and around £47 off their water bills.

Here's how to reduce your bills
Here's how to reduce your bills. Picture: Alamy

The way an eco shower head works is by controlling the flow and spray pattern of the water.

It can reduce water usage from 15 litres per minute flow rate, to between seven or eight litres per minute, which means you're using less gas to heat the water delivered to your shower.

According to Which?, you can check check whether you could cut your water usage in a very simple way.

All you need to do is put a two litre container on the shower floor and if it takes less than 12 seconds to fill when the shower is running on full.

If that's the case, you could benefit from a low-flow or water-saving shower head.

The shower heads work with a standard hose, combi boliers and gravity showers that have a pump fitted, but you must have at least 0.5 bar water pressure.

You can get them for as little as £20 from most DIY stores.

This comes after it was announced that from April 1, the energy cap is rising by 54 per cent.

Gas and electricity bills are set to skyrocket for millions of households across the UK, sending us into an energy bill crisis.

From the start of next month, the current price cap will jump from £1,277 to £1,971 – an increase of £700.