Professor Brian Cox explains whether our favourite sci-fi films could become reality

2 November 2018, 17:03 | Updated: 2 November 2018, 17:33

Professor Brian Cox explains whether these sci-fi plots could ever become a reality
Professor Brian Cox explains whether these sci-fi plots could ever become a reality. Picture: Getty

The physicist and TV presenter tells us whether our favourite sci-fi movie plot lines will actually happen one day and the answers are VERY cool.

Professor Brian Cox is undoubtedly one of the UK's brightest minds and an all round science wizard.

Thanks to his TV programme Wonders of the Universe and his upcoming UK tour, Universal, the physicist has made a name for himself explaining some very complex science in a very relatable way.

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When it comes to the universe, everybody wants to ask someone with the knowledge those BIG questions that we lie in bed at night pondering.

Could we live on Mars? Will we be able to travel through time some day?

Luckily, Heart had some time to put these to the Professor and asked him to explain whether any of our favourite science fiction films could become a reality one day.

Here's what he said...

Do you think we'll be able to colonise Mars in our lifetime?

It's easy to dream about life on another planet, but seriously...could this ever be possible like in the Matt Damon blockbuster, The Martian?

Professor Brian Cox says yes!

He explained" "I think in our lifetime, even in the next 20 years or so, I think we will see people on Mars. I think the first human landing will probably be in the next 20 years and when we go there we will stay."

Do you think humans will ever master time travel?

"Time travel into the past we think is not allowed by the law of physics.

"It is true that in Einstein's Theory of General Relativity - that's our best theory of space and time - it is allowed that you could build things called wormholes which are short cuts through space and time."

He explained that if you could build a machine that allowed you to travel through a wormhole without causing it to collapse that you could travel through time.

So if you've ever dreamt of becoming a Time Lord like Doctor Who, don't give up hope just yet.

Mind blowingly, according to science "You can travel into the future as fast as you want"

"If you got in a rocket and flew away from the earth quite close to the speed of light then turned around and came back, you would come back in the far future".

Will science ever be able to bring back extinct species like dinosaurs?

Everybody loves Jurassic Park, but will there ever come a day where it could become a reality?

Sure we'd all love to see a T-Rex in real life - albeit from a safe distance - but Professor Brian Cox says this probably isn't possible.

He explained: "Although we can get traces from DNA it's very damaged DNA."

But scientists might be able to create similar species using genes from fossils implanted into similar species that aren't yet extinct.

For example, he said: "It is potentially true that we can take genes from things like a Wooly Mammoth and implant them into an elephant embryo using genetic engineering techniques and grow a new version of a species."

For more amazing facts about the universe Professor Brian Cox is touring the UK in 2019 with Professor Brian Cox – Universal: Adventures in Space and Time.