Instagram secretly rolling out huge makeover that'll replace feed with stories

6 July 2020, 19:48

The new update could transform the app
The new update could transform the app. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The social media giant is set to be making some major changes to the app's interface in the coming months.

Instagram fans, beware! The app is set to be planning a huge "makeover" that could see the main timeline be covered with stories.

The tech giant is currently testing out showing two rows of stories on the front, which can be expanded to "see all stories", where stories take over the entire screen.

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Responses to the new update have been mixed
Responses to the new update have been mixed. Picture: Instagram

The new feature of the app was highlighted by American social media manager Julian Gamboa, who is based in California.

He posted a couple of screenshots of the new layout on his Twitter account and it's attracted a number of likes and retweets by fellow tech fans.

Julian wrote: "You've heard of two rows of Instagram Stories...

"Now prepare for 'SEE ALL STORIES'".

Instagram reportedly confirmed to TechCrunch that it was trialling this new look on a small number of users and that the test has been live for over a month now.

Those who have the newly-updated feature will in turn see a larger section for stories on their feed instead of the single (and seemingly never-ending) row.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, previously said that Stories was one of its biggest growing areas so it's unsurprising that they've tapped into this.

However, responses to the new look have been mixed, with many saying there isn't a need to "ruin" the app.

The app could look like this for everyone soon
The app could look like this for everyone soon. Picture: Instagram

One user commented: "Everything is getting ruined , day by day ! !", with another chiming in: "My eyes hurt".

"I mean let’s be real Stories is the app", said one user, impressed with the changes.

Will you be happy if your phone updates to the new story-filled homepage?